“Es emocionante cuando encuentras partes de ti mismo en alguien mas.”
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WHO: Governments should regulate fast food to slow obesity epidemic

Governments could slow or even reverse the growing obesity epidemic if they introduce more regulation into the global market for fast foods such as burgers, chips and fizzy drinks, researchers said in a report to be released Monday.

A study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that if governments took firmer action, they could start to prevent people from becoming overweight and obese – conditions with serious long-term consequences such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

"Unless governments take steps to regulate their economies, the invisible hand of the market will continue to promote obesity worldwide with disastrous consequences for future public health and economic productivity," said Roberto De Vogli of the University of California, Davis, who led the study.

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“Yo no digo nada. Yo pienso.”
— Juan Rulfo, Llano en llamas. (via hachedesilencio)

(via hachedesilencio)

El amor no se forma con palabras pequeñas y ridículas. El amor se forma con grandes gestos. El amor lo forman los aviones con grandes letreros sobre los estadios, propuestas de amor en pantalla, y grandes letras en el cielo. El amor es correr ese kilómetro adicional aunque duela, dejando salir lo que se siente. El amor es encontrar ese valor dentro de ti, que no sabías que existía.


Abc de amor